Connecting Young
Jewish Professionals

“We are engaging Young Jewish Professionals in the Jewish community, providing them a place to grow and develop both professionally and spiritually. We are the Hub for all Jewish activity in Los Angeles.”


JHubLA Pro Series

The JHubLA Pro Series is a seven week experience dedicated to building your self awareness, establishing personal relationships, and getting closer to a more meaningful and happy lifestyle, whatever that means to you!

7 Shabbat Meals with families in the community

Classes on personal development, intimacy, etc.

20 like minded Young Jewish Professionals

Network with successful Entrepreneurs

Meet with marriage and family Therapists

Accountability Partners and Coaches

The JHubLA Pro Series is meant to focus on the 3 main facets of Jewish consciousness


Having a relationship with



Having a relationship with



Having a relationship with

Higher Power

We are partnering with career coaches, leaders, and licensed marriage and family therapists in the community to inspire and motivate each individual on a path to a more meaningful life.

Our growth oriented workshops are coupled with seven consecutive Shabbat dinners with superstar families in the community and will definitely elevate your life.

Shabbat Dinner

Want to get set up for a Friday night meal? We have families in the community hosting Shabbat dinners, we’ll be happy to get you the invite!

Set Me Up

Summer Sizzle Israel Trip

Take the leap this year and join Rabbi Teller on the best Israel trip in Los Angeles! Learn the Torah, see the sights, meet the locals, dance the night away, swim in the Dead Sea, build friendships, all on this 10 day once in a lifetime opportunity.

With years of happy alumni, lifelong friends, and a wealth of amazing memories, the group just keeps growing and growing. Join this upcoming trip and start on an adventure that will lead you to the rest of your life.

Events & Classes

Weekly Torah Classes

Join in a weekly Torah Portion class hosted by Rabbi Teller. You will learn simple life lessons that the Torah offers. Come and drink tea, eat cake in a relaxed and intimate environment while Rabbi Teller's 3 kids will intermittently entertain you!
Social Events & Parties

JHubLA hosts intimate gatherings, as well as large scale events celebrating the holidays and momentous occasions throughout the year! Each event is personalized and tailored to fit the occasion. This is a wonderful opportunity to make new friends, laugh and come together as a Young Professionals community.

Coffee with Rabbi

Want to get to know the Rabbi one-on-one? Meet him at his personal office at Coffee Bean. He would love to schedule you in! :)
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See what people are saying about Rabbi Teller

Warren Coughlin
"Rabbi Teller has this non judgmental, open mindedness about him. I feel like I can be always be myself"
Michal Rakovsky
"Rabbi Teller and JHubLA have introduced me to the most amazing people. I'm so grateful for that"
Danny Feldman
"Rabbi Teller and JHubLA push me to grow all of the time. That's what we all need"